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sanos PDP-11 Simulator with UNIX V7



Turn your PC into a PDP-11 running Seventh Edition UNIX. This way you can run UNIX just like Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson did back in 1979. This is a sanos port of Bob Supnik's PDP-11 simulator. I have made an ISO image with sanos, the PDP-11 simulator, and the UNIX V7 kit from The Computer History Simulation Project. Just put the CD-ROM in your PC and boot. Then your PC is turned into a PDP-11 running UNIX V7! This is great fun if you're a nostalgic UNIX geek.

If your want to try the UNIX V7 demo first download and unzip the ISO image. You can burn this image to a CD-ROM using your favorite CD-burner program and then boot the computer from the CD-ROM. You can also try it out using VMware by setting pdp11.iso as the ISO image for the CD-ROM device. You can get the source I have used to build the image here.

When you boot from the CD-ROM, sanos boots and starts the PDP-11 simulator. The simulator then boots UNIX V7 from the image.

Your UNIX V7 system is now up and running. You can use your ordinary UNIX commands like cat, ls, man, etc.

You can try to compile and run a simple C program:

# cd /usr/src
# cat hello.c
# cc -o hello hello.c
# hello