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Regnecentralen RC700 emulator


This is a web-based emulator for a Regnecentralen RC702 micro computer. Select the floppy disk image from the dropdown box and press 'Start'. This will start the emulator booting up on the selected floppy disk.

In CP/M, the DIR command is used for listing the files on the disk. Type the name of a program without .COM to run a program. The TYPE command is used for listing the content of a file.

In COMAL, the LOOKUP command is used for listing the files. The LOAD "program" command is used for loading a program, LIST is used for listing the program, and RUN is used for running the program.


Regnecentralen RC700 system.


The RC702 was a Danish micro computer produced by Regnecentralen from 1980. The RC702 had a Zilog Z-80A CPU and 64KB RAM, one or two 5 1/4" floppy disk drives, as well as serial and parallel I/O ports. Read more about the RC702 here.


Please notice that the floppy images in the web-based emulator are read-only, and you cannot save data between sessions. If you want to do this, you can use the standalone version of the emulator that you can install on your own computer. It runs on Windows and Linux, and has more features, e.g. support for writing to floppy disk images and hard disk support.


You can submit feedback about the RC700 emulator here. Please add your e-mail address if you want a reply.