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Regnecentralen RC702


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The RC702 was a micro computer produced by Regnecentralen from 1980. At my school, Sofiendalskolen in Aalborg, we had a few RC700 systems, and I used these for programming in Pascal and COMAL. The RC702, nicknamed RC Piccolo, was a Z-80 based micro computer with up to 64K RAM. It had one or two 5 1/4" floppy disk drives, keyboard, CRT monitor, and serial and parallel I/O ports. It could run CP/M or a number of standalone systems like COMAL or UCSD Pascal.

I don't own a RC700 system myself, but I have made an emulator for the RC700, so I can run my old programs from the 80s. This emulator can run RC700 CP/M and COMAL. I have tried to document my progress in a diary.

Links to good sites for CP/M software:

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