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Sanos can be downloaded as either binary or source. All the files in the binary version can be built from the source version, so you do not need the binary version, if you are building sanos from source. The change log for sanos can be found here.

The binary version contains the compiled version of sanos, with files and utilities for making a boot disk. Download it using one of the links below. See here for instruction on how to install sanos. You can also download the Sanos SDK if you want to be able to build programs under sanos.

The source version contains all the source code and build files for building sanos from source. You will need Microsoft Visual C (Windows) or GCC (Linux) to build sanos from source. See here for instructions on how to build sanos.

If you want to experiment with the newest features you can download the latest binary or source build. These are automated builds from the sanos GIT repository that contains the latest unreleased changes to sanos. Look in the CHANGES file in these distributions in order to see the latest changes. Please let me know if you discover any bugs in these unstable builds.


Version Release date Download source Download binary
latest n/a
1.3.4 Mar 8, 2012
1.3.3 Oct 20, 2005
1.3.2 Apr 3, 2005
1.3.1 Oct 25, 2004
1.3.0 Aug 8, 2004
1.2.9 Sep 19, 2003
1.2.8 Jun 24, 2003
1.2.7 Jun 04, 2003
1.2.6 Feb 06, 2003
1.2.5 Jan 12, 2003
1.2.4 Dec 16, 2002
1.2.3 Dec 02, 2002 n/a
1.2.2 Nov 21, 2002 n/a
1.2.1 Nov 15, 2002 n/a
1.2.0 Sep 15, 2002 n/a