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This section contains commented links to other web pages we find interesting.

Places on the Internet

Datalogforeningen "Datalogforeningen" is a Danish community of people holding a master degree in Computer Science.

Søren and Michael gave a presentation in November 2002 called "jbox - Java Server Appliances". The slides for this presentation can be found here.

JAOO2002 JAOO is one of the leading conferences in the world covering Java technology and OO software engineering.

Michael and Bjarne gave a presentation at the JAOO 2002 conference called "jbox - A Pure Java Cluster Node".

The slides from this presentation can also be found here.

Minimalism, Architecture and Development

Curbralan This site is run by Kevlin Henney who is an independent consultant and developer.

Specifically Kevlin is one of the few people able to write and present the ideas of minimalism and agile software development in a serious, yet humerous way.

Kevlin gave an excellent speak on minimalism at JAOO 2002 called "Minimalism: Practical Guide to Writing Less Code".

The above paper is a practical perspective on general ideas on the subject presented in two articles on minimalism:

Many good articles on architecture and development beyond the few mentioned above can be found at Curbralan.

SAP DB SAP may be one of the last companies people think of when the talk falls on minimalism, agility and simplicity.

SAP DB, an Enterprise class Open Source database, that can fill the role of the database for SAP implementations is first of all an example of strategic products becoming commodities, but try and read the the article "SAP DB - The Enterprise Open Source Database", and you will find a relieving touch of minimalism thoughts.

The SAP DB is released under GPL/LGPL and runs under a variety of operating systems, including Linux.

Complexity and Simplicity Articles about complexity in software: