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The aim of the SLING project is to learn to read and understand Wikipedia articles in many languages for the purpose of knowledge base completion, e.g. adding facts mentioned in Wikipedia (and other sources) to the Wikidata knowledge base. We use frame semantics as a common representation for both knowledge representation and document annotation. The SLING parser can be trained to produce frame semantic representations of text directly without any explicit intervening linguistic representation.

After 13 year as a software engineer at Google Research working with natural language processing, I resigned from Google in September 2020 to start for myself. Ringgaard Research is a not-for-profit company that develops and maintains the SLING system as well as doing research relating to knowledge management and natural language processing.


The RC702, nicknamed RC Piccolo, was a Danish micro computer produced by Regnecentralen from 1980. The RC702 had a Zilog Z-80A CPU and 64KB RAM, one or two 5 1/4" floppy disk drives, as well as serial and parallel I/O ports. It ran CP/M and a number of standalone systems like COMAL and UCSD Pascal.

I don't own a RC700 system myself, but I have made an emulator for the RC700, so I can run my old programs from the 80s. If you want to take a quick look, you can try the web-based version of the RC700 emulator.


Sanos is a minimalistic 32-bit x86 OS kernel for network server appliances running on standard PC hardware. The kernel implements basic operating system services like booting, memory management, thread scheduling, local and remote file systems, TCP/IP networking, and DLL loading and linking.

A Win32 layer allows the standard HotSpot JVM to run, essentially providing a JavaOS platform for server applications. It can also be used as a small kernel for embedded network server applications written in C. Sanos has a standard POSIX based API and an ANSI Standard C runtime library.

The kernel was initially developed as part of an experiment on investigating the feasibility of running java server applications without a traditional operating system only using a simple kernel. The sanos kernel is open source and released under a general BSD software license.

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Frustra fit per plura quod potest fieri per pauciora
(It is vain to do with more what can be done with less)
William of Ockham (circa 1285 - 1349)


See Quotations on simplicity in software design.


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