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Regnecentralen logo

All the Regnecentralen logos I have found everywhere else are of really poor quality, so I have made some high-quality versions of Regnecentralen's logo. The logo has been scanned from a binder and cleaned up by hand in GIMP. The logo was designed in 1967 by Erik Blom-Nielsen. Please feel free to copy and use these logos. I've made four versions of the logo:


Classic Regnecentralen logo in black and orange colors used in brochures etc.
A more photo-realistic version of the black and orange logo that resembles the logo used on RC computer model tags.
Regnecentralen logo with the characteristic "RC brown and beige" colors. This logo has a very distinctive 70s-look.
Outline logo which was used in black & white printed documentation. There is also a hires-version of the outline logo (3903x4079 pixels).
Regnecentralen logo as vector graphics (SVG), 1.3 KB.
Outline logo as vector graphics (SVG), 1.6 KB.