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RC702 CP/M Terminal Control Codes

The console in RC702 CP/M does not support any standard terminal so you often has to make a custom terminal definition for applications to work with RC702. The RC702 CP/M terminal supports the following control codes:

0x01 Insert line
0x02 Delete line
0x05 Tab backward (4 chars/tab)
0x06 x+0x20 y+0x20 Move cursor to (x,y), x = 0..79, y = 0..24
0x08 Move left (backspace)
0x09 Tab forward (4 chars/tab)
0x0A Move down (newline)
0x0C Clear screen (form feed)
0x0D Move to position 0 (carriage return)
0x18 Move right
0x1A Move up
0x1D Home, move cursor to (0,0)
0x1E Erase to end of line
0x1F Erase to end of screen

The RC702 also supports changing character attributes:

0x80 Change character attribute
0x01 Highlight
0x02 Blink
0x04 Semi-graphic character set
0x10 Reverse
0x20 Underline